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Why Fish Need Trees
Trout have very specific habitat needs. They can't live in places that don't meet those needs. This is true for all fish. That is why it is important to understand the importance of habitat. "Habitat" is the places where fish live. Trees play an important role in trout stream habitat. Really, streamside trees do several jobs. This issue of the PLAY Newsletter focuses on the importance of streamside trees to trout and other fish.
This PDF document has great ideas on how to get ready for an upcoming fishing season. It reviews common fishing knots, casting practice, and more.

pfbc wilderness trout streams
Wilderness trout stream management is based upon the provision of a wild trout fishing experience in a remote, natural and unspoiled environment where man's disruptive activities are minimized. Established in 1969, this option was designed to protect and promote native (brook trout) fisheries, the ecological requirements necessary for natural reproduction of trout and wilderness aesthetics. The superior quality of these watersheds is considered an important part of the overall angling experience on wilderness trout streams. Therefore, all stream sections included in this program qualify for the Exceptional Value (EV) special protected water use classification, which represents the highest protection status provided by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

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