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PFBC KARE Educator Information
Resources in aquatic education from the PA Fish and Boat Commission includes information on training workshops, and links to other educational opportunities.

PFBC Safety Pirate
Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission employee and “Safety Pirate” Bob Lyon helps young Connor Stemler secure his PFD. Bob, a long-time deputy with the Commission and employee of the Bureau of Boating and Education, has spent countless hours presenting the two NASBLA approved classroom courses the Commission offers. Even the loss of a leg in 2001 has not reduced the amount time Bob spends educating the public.

PLAY - How fish Swim
This PDF file details the way that fish propel themselves through the water. Using words and pictures, the readers learn the mechanisms that move fish.

PLAY - Internal anatomy of fish
This PDF file contains detailed information on the internal anatomy of fish at a middle school age level.

PLAY - Living in warn water: fish anatomy
Details on the anatamomy of warm water fish. This PDF file discusses many of the adaptations fish have in warm water environments.

PLAY - types of fish in Pennsylvania
This PDF file contains detailed information on the different types, "classes," of fish that live in PA. Inlcdes pictures of representative fish from the diferent classes.

Pa Water Rescue fact sheet
The courses in the PA Water Rescue Program are designed to train water rescue personnel in the most current techniques of water rescue and safety. The programs purpose is to familiarize the rescuer with the proper procedures used in water (ice) safety and safe boat handling. This includes making the rescuer safe. The rescuer will demonstrate a proficiency in water rescue relative to his or her individual capabilities giving the rescuer a greater sense of competency in dealing with on-the-water emergencies.

Pennsylvania - Management of Trout Fisheries in Pennsylvania
Division of Fisheries Management - Bureau of Fisheries, Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission 1997 Report on the Management of Trout Fisheries in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania 2002 Boating Accident Analysis
Pennsylvania 2002 Boating Accident Analysis Report

Pennsylvania 2003 Boating Accident Report
Pennsylvania 2003 Boating Accident Report Online

Pennsylvania 2003 Boating Handbook
Pennsylvania 2003 Boating Handbook - Boating laws for Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania 2003 Summary Fishing Regulations PDF Booklet
Pennsylvania 2003 Summary Fishing Regulations on the Web - view the regulations online.

Pennsylvania Amphibian and Reptiles: A Curriculum Guide Sampler
Curriculum sampler from the state of PA containing samples of 4 lesson plans, and a list of all curricula offered. Full access to the complete curricula is available to instructors willing to take the PA Fish and Boat Commission Training Course. This is a PDF document.

Pennsylvania Angler and Boater Online
The keystone state's official fishing and boating magazine online.

Pennsylvania Aquaculture Act
Pennsylvania Aquaculture Act - Act 1998-94

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