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California Fish Stocking Information
Fish planting information for California provided by the CFG.

Fish Stocking in New York
These fish are stocked for two main purposes-- to enhance recreational fishing and to restore native species to waters they formerly occupied. Statewide 1998 Stocking by County

Hackettstown State Fish Hatchery
Opened in 1912, the Charles O. Hayford ("Hackettstown") State Fish Hatchery is still producing lots of fish (list of fish stocked 1994-00; distribution summary for 1999; 2000). When trout production was transferred to the PequestTrout Hatchery in 1981, the emphasis in Hackettstown turned to warm and cool water fish.

Idaho Fish Stocking Database
Find out about fish stocking in Idaho by using the Fish Stocking Database. This online tool has information from 1967 - 2000 sorted by fish species, county, waterbody, and more.

Iowa Fish Hatcheries
Iowa's nine fish hatcheries and research facilities play an important role in the development of the state's angling resources. From the stocking of gamefish to research into improving the efficiency of fish production, the hatcheries are vital to the future of Iowa fishing.

Kansas Trout Stocking Information
Kansas Trout Stocking Information - where to find the stocking reports you need for fishing Kansas trout waters.

Michigan Fish Stocking Database
Michigan Fish Stocking Database - all the information you need on where and when Michigan lakes and streams are stocked.

Minnesota Lake Finder: Stocking Reports
Minnesota Lake Finder: Stocking Reports for 1998 and 1999 in a searchable format

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Fish Stocking Database
Use this convenient form to search more than 10,000 records in our Fish Stocking Database to see what fish have been stocked where and what size they were!

Nevada Fish Stocking Locations
Nevada Fish Stocking Locations - a report that you can use to determine where fish have been stocked and where they can be caught.

New Jersey Warm and Coolwater Fish Stocked 1994-2000
This list shows those stockings that are ready for angling. The list does not include forage species, panfish or mosquitofish (raised for county Mosquito Control Commissions). The Division raises bluegill sunfish which are stocked primarily for children's fishing derbies.

New York Spring 2000 Trout Stocking Targets by County
New York Spring 2000 Trout Stocking Targets by County - find out where the fish are here.

New York State's Fish Hatcheries
DEC hatcheries produce fish for stocking into more than 1,200 public waters across the state.

North Carolina Fishing Seasons and Stocking Schedules
This site contains information about a variety of freshwater fish stocking schedules and fishing seasons in North Carolina.

North Carolina Hatcheries
The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission operates six fish hatcheries that raise a variety of fish for stocking into North Carolina's public waters.

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