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Nebraska Fishing Tackle Loan Program
A Fishing Tackle Loan Program for Nebraskans interested in learning to fish, whether you're a member of the public or a teacher.

Nebraska's Urban Fisheries Program
The Urban Fisheries Program's goals are to improve recreational fishing in and around Nebraska cities and to provide more opportunities for urban residents to go fishing.

Nevada Fisheries Bureau
The Fisheries Bureau works to ensure the health and vitality of Nevada's fish in its network of streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Hatcheries produce and stock fish, and biologists manage fish and amphibian populations, water quality and aquatic habitat.

New Hampshire Fishing
New Hampshire Fishing information - where to find fish, what to fish for, fishing records and more.

New Hampshire Fishing Guides
This page lists guides who will take you fishing in New Hampshire for a fee.

New Jersey - 2000 Marine Fishing Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST
This website has links to two PDF files that make up the 2000 Marine Fishing Issue of the NJ Fish and Wildlife Digest.

New Jersey 2001 Freshwater Fishing Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST
The 2001 Freshwater Fishing Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST for NJ has been made available in .pdf format by visiting this page. For your convenience it has been broken into five separate sections, with file sizes provided.

New Mexico Cold Water Fish
New Mexico Cold Water Fish - A Visual Species Identification Page

New Mexico Game Fish Natural History Information
New Mexico Game Fish Natural History Information: including life histories, habitats, pictures, identification and more.

New Mexico Mecury Advisorsies
New Mexico Mecury Advisorsies - fish health warnings and dangers to human health from fish consumption

New Mexico Warm Water Fish
New Mexico Warm Water Fish - A visual species comparison

New Mexico Weekly Fishing Reports
New Mexico Fishing Reports for the last week organized by region and body of water.

New Mexico Whirling Disease
New Mexico's Whirling Disease Information Central. Information on this trout disease and where it is found in New mexico.

North Carolina Fisheries News Beat
Welcome to News Beat, your one-stop shop for Fisheries News and Information. You can find the latest News Releases, Public Meeting Notices, Proclamations and more right here. All old news releases can be found in our archives.

Ohio Division of Wildlife Fish Identification & Life Histories
With more than 40,000 miles of streams, 2.4 million acres of Lake Erie and in-land water, and 450 miles of the Ohio River, Ohio supports a diverse and abundant fish fauna represented by more than 160 species (~1/3 are listed below). Ohio’s fishes live in our largest lakes and rivers to the smallest ponds and creeks. This fish identification guide provides photos & /or color illustrations to help you identify your catch, along with useful fishing tips.

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