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McNary EE Center and National Wildlife Refuge
McNary NWR/MEECE: Wetlands habitat for migrating water fowl on the Columbia River in Central Washington mid-Pacific flyway.

Puget Sound Chinook: A New Era in Fisheries Management
Information on Puget Sound chinook salmon recovery efforts.

Salmon Smart: A Guide to Help People Help Salmon
Thank you for your interest in salmon recovery. We have met the enemy, and, in most cases, he is us. While there certainly are contributing natural causes, as consumers, business people, and communities, human pressures have unquestionably degraded water quality and aquatic habitat.

Science-based Mangement of Hatcheries and Harvest
Wild salmon recovery information from the WDFW, Stillaguamish Tribe, and Tulalip Tribes.

Trout and Salmon Guide
Four page trout and salmon identification guide from the state of Washington. This is a PDF file.;

WDFW - Partnerships in Science: A New Era in Salmon Recovery
The Pierce Conservation District clearly did its homework before seeking state funding to restore an off-channel lake as a rearing area for young coho and chinook salmon on the Puyallup River system.

WDFW - The Changing Roles of Hatcheries and Harvest in Wild Salmonid Management
This is a document that describes the relationship between hatcheries and harvest management in recovery of wild salmon in Washington state.

WDFW - Warmwater Fish Enhancement Program
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's warmwater game fish enhancement program began in 1997 at the request of fishing organizations interested in bass, walleye, and other warmwater fish species that are found in Washington.

WDFW -- Angling Education Program
Using volunteers to teach safe, ethical angling skills; leading to a better understanding and protection of our aquatic resources.

WDFW -- Atlantic Salmon in Washington State: A Fish Management Perspective
General background and information about Atlantic salmon in Washington state from a fisheries management perspective.

WDFW -- Chum Salmon Website
General information on chum salmon - Chum salmon are the most abundant wild salmon species in Washington State, and at the same time are probably the least appreciated of the state's salmon. Chum salmon have many admirable attributes, not the least of which is the fact that this species has shown remarkable resilience during a period when other salmon species have shown substantial declines.

WDFW -- Fish and Shellfish Science
Information about Washinton's saltwater and marine species.

WDFW -- Guidelines for Salmonid Habitat Protection and Restoration
Habitat Engineering Fish Streams Information - Guidelines for salmonid habitat protection and restoration are currently being developed. The series of guidelines documents produced in this effort will facilitate the consistent application of good science and practice for resource and habitat management; project design, construction, and operation in, near, or affecting aquatic systems.

WDFW -- Non-Indigenous Aquatic Nuisance Species
Non-indigenous species (NIS) may be released or "introduced" into the marine, freshwater or terrestrial environment intentionally or unintentionally. Most non-native species are unable to form self-sustaining populations. However, if such species become established and thrive, they will influence the native flora and fauna and their habitats, and may affect the local economy.

WDFW -- Salmon Recovery
Salmon are in Trouble! Many stocks of wild salmon, steelhead and trout have declined along the west coast of North America, and several stocks of Washington's salmon and trout are listed as threatened or endangered under the ESA. ESA listings affect nearly every watershed in Washington State. This is a general information page on recovering Washington's salmonids.

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