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Kids do Ecology
Do you have a question that you would like an ecologist to answer? Do you want to know what other kids have asked and what the answers were? Click on the Ask an ecologist button on the left.

Land and People: Finding a Balance - USGS Teaching Guide
Land and People: Finding a Balance is an environmental study project that engages high school students in studying earth science resource issues. The project focuses on the interaction between people and the environment in three regions of the United States: Cape Cod, Los Angeles, and the Everglades

Learning Corner
The DNR understands the importance of preserving and enhancing our strong outdoor heritage, and we are committed to making out door education a priority. Programs for women, youth and men may be found on the following pages. All are designed to help you learn more about Michigan's natural resources, in order to gain a greater appreciation of the great outdoors and have more fun in the process!,1607,7-153-10369---,...

Lesson Exchange: Brine Shrimp (Elementary, Science)
A warning: Brine shrimp are not completely predictable animals. Occasionally the method described
has not worked--the eggs have not hatched or the newly hatched shrimp have died within a few
days. If you have difficulty, you can involve your students in a search for a method that will work
for your particular set of conditions. The children will gain a sense of the delicacy and complexity of
a living organism and the rather narrow range of conditions under which it can live. (I usually have been
successful in having children keep their jars going for about 2-3 weeks--then they go home)

Living Things: Families
At any one time in history, there are millions of different kinds of plants and animals in the world. In 1753, a scientist in Sweden named Carolus Linnaeus thought of an orderly system for classifying plants and animals. He grouped all organisms according to a two-part name (binomial). The first part of the name is the "generic" grouping or genus.

Maine Education -
Web directory with information on education resources in Maine.

Maine Educational Programs/Information
Maine Educational Programs/Information - Project WILD, teacher resources, curriculum, Maine Conservation Camps, Hooked on Fishing and more

Maine Project WILD
Maine Project WILD homepage - find information here about the program, events and schedule.

Maine Wildlife Programs for Schools
Our Wildlife Programs are expanding this year to include more sessions at Swan Island in Richmond. During the 2002 school year over 3000 children participated in programs at the Pine Tree Arboretum, the Maine Wildlife Park and Swan Island. Swan Island is a unique experience that I'm sure you and your students will enjoy. It is a bit more difficult to get to, but well worth the extra effort. Hope to see you at either the Arboretum, Wildlife Park, or the Island this year. Remember, register your classes early!

Marine Biology Learning Center -Online Science Courses
Comprehensive resources on marine science related topics including coral reef biology, biodiversity, bleaching, fishes, ecology, animal behavior, dolphins, and oceanography

Marine Research Opportunities in South Carolina
For more than ten years, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources- Marine Resources Division, has been providing research experiences for undergraduate minority students through its summer internship program. Students have the opportunity to conduct high quality research with dedicated scientists and learn new and exciting information about marine sciences. They can also develop skills in scientific literature review, project development, data processing and analysis, report writing and oral presentation.

Maryland DNR Teacher's Professional Development
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers a wide variety of accredited continuing education opportunities for teachers and other educators.

Maryland Educational Materials and Programs Directory
Using the Educational Materals and Programs directory enables you to quickly find out about educational programs and resources from across the web site.

Maryland High School Students Page
Maryland Department of Natural Resources High School Students Page - Information and activities for high school students.

Maryland Natural Resources Classroom Resources
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources provides teachers with a variety of classroom resources. In addition, DNR offers many outdoor activities and funding opportunities.

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