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RBFF - African American and Hispanic Participation In and Attitudes Towards Recr
This research provides in-depth understanding of recreational boaters and anglers by examining their attitudes, perceptions and ideas about boating and fishing. The primary means of achieving this end involves the identification of boating and fishing consumer segments. These segments are based on: attitudes toward fishing and boating; lifestyles and psychographics; and, fishing and boating behavior.

RBFF - African American and Hispanic Participation In and Attitudes Towards Recr
This national report includes information on interest levels in participating, barriers to participation, potential inducements to increase participation, attitudes towards the environment, and much more! RBFF sends out a special thanks to the members of its task force on market research for their invaluable help in initiating and guiding this project.

RBFF - An Examination of the Relationship Between Recreational Boating and Fishi
This report reviews the findings of the relevant literature pertaining to the relationship between participation in recreational fishing and boating, and the stewardship ethic. The research reviewed in this report are helpful, but not determinate, in revealing the relationship between participation and stewardship. RBFF and a volunteer task force are currently in the process of developing a research agenda to better understand the nature of this relationship and to identify ways to strengthen it.
Download PDF File: Full report in PDF Format

RBFF - Educational Resources
A list of the educational resources offerings by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation.

RBFF - National Aquatic Education Leadership Summit
The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) hosted a new and exciting national effort that we believe is the next step in empowering the aquatic education community. Forty national leaders in the aquatic education field came together to build a coordinated and strategic vision and plan to guide boating, fishing, and stewardship education into the future.

RBFF - National Aquatic Education Leadership Summit
In 2000, RBFF's task force on education developed guidelines for research-based boating/fishing education programs utilizing best professional practices to determine which processes provide the best experiences for conveying knowledge, developing skills, and changing attitudes and behaviors. Environmental and outdoor education professionals were commissioned to provide summaries of research and recommendations for the development of Best Practices for fishing, boating and aquatic stewardship education. This group also recommended basic practices for: program planning, development and implementation; professional development; program evaluation; and educational program research. The result of this is a 180-page document that includes a summary report and 11 supporting papers.

RBFF - Passport to Fishing and Boating Has Arrived
Through Passport to Fishing and Boating, families with little or no fishing and boating experience learn the basic skills and techniques needed to enjoy these lifetime activities. Pilot tested and evaluated, the Passport is now ready for full-scale use by boating and fishing stakeholders.

RBFF - RBFF Stakeholder Feedback
Nearing the end of our current authorization, and in anticipation of six more years of authorization under Wallop-Breaux, RBFF has reengaged its stakeholders to examine what’s been accomplished to date, and what our priorities and focus should be through 2009.

RBFF - Report on the Best Practices in Fishing, Boating and Aquatic Stewardship
Framework and summary of Best Practices in fishing, boating and aquatic stewardship education as recommended by 11 outdoor / environmental education experts.
Download PDF File: Best Practices in Education

Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation
RBFF's mission is to implement an informed, consensus-based national outreach strategy that will increase participation in recreational angling and boating and thereby increase public awareness and appreciation of the need for protecting, conserving, and restoring this nation's aquatic natural resources. This directory is one of the services provided...

Water Works Wonders™ (Take me Fishing) National Campaign & Ohio Pilot Effort Res
Branding is a central component of any awareness campaign. The Water Works Wonders brand was developed and market tested to communicate the many familial, social and other benefits of participating in recreational fishing and boating. The purpose of the brand is to
provide an umbrella under which the fishing, boating and aquatic resource stewardship communities could all live and thrive together. The brand/logo was featured in all Water Works Wonders advertisements and is also a primary component of the Water Works Wonders cooperative marketing program.
The members of the RBFF’s Education Task Force 2 conceived and designed the project. Their conception and support of this project and the parent “Best Practices in Boating, Fishing and Aquatic Stewardship Education” project have established a base from which to build more effective aquatic education programs.

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