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Blood Knot for Fishing, How to Tie It and Others
Fishing Knots. How to tie the Improved Blood Knot illustrated plus other popular fishing knots.

Boat Rope - Make an Eye Splice for Mooring or Anchor Line
Boat rope and instruction on how to make an eye splice for mooring or anchor line. Care and use of rope.

Fishing Knots and Knot Tying For Fishing Line and Tackle.
Fishing knots and knot tying illustrations for fishing line and tackle used by Saltwater and Freshwater Anglers.

Fishing Knots, Jansik Knot Popular For Muskie Fishing
For Muskie fishing use the Jansik Knot. Step-by-step illustration on tying this popular fishing knot and others.

Fishing Knots, Offshore Swivel Knot
Fishing Knots. How to tie a Trilene Knot

Fishing Knots, Snell Knot
Fishing Knots. How to tie a Snell Knot

Fishing Knots, Trilene Fishing Knot
Fishing Knots. How to tie a Trilene Knot

Fishing Knots, Uni-knot Leader to Fishing Line Illustrated
Fishing Knots. Tying Uni-knot leader to line and other popular fishing knots illustrated step by step.

Fishing Knots, Uni-knot tying shock leader to fishing line
Fishing Knots. Tying Shock Leader to Line

Fishing Line Knots, Uni Knot, Tying 2 Lines
Fishing line knots illustrated and how to tie 2 fishing lines together with Uni Knot. Monofilament line for saltwater and freshwater anglers.

Fishing Lure - Tying Fishing Line to Lure or Terminal Tackle
Fishing Lure or other fishing terminal tackle can be joined by popular uni-knot. Illustrated directions on how to attach lure by tying this knot and others..

Grant's Guide To Fishing Knots
The average angler needs perhaps no more than three or four basic knots, but these knots relate directly to his mode of fishing. The game fisherman need have little interest in the knots used by the trout fisherman, who, in turn, uses knots that are not necessarily suitable for the bream fisherman.

Knot Tying The Clinch Knot - Fishing Line To Tackle
Knot tying the clinch knot and others illustrated for the fisherman. Clinch knot is used for joining fishing line to a hook, swivel or lure. Other knots illustrated.

Knots for Padders
Knots used in kayaking canoing and rafting fully illustrated and described.

Palomar Knot - Tying On A Fishing Hook
Palomar knot is a popular fishing knot used to tie on fishing hooks. This and many other fishing knots are illustrated.

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