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Massachusetts Striped Bass Fisheries Report pdf
Massachusetts Striped Bass Fisheries Report in pdf - describing the state of the striped bass fisheries and restoration efforts

Massachusetts Wildlife Bass Hot Spots
Bass are found in the majority of freshwater habitats in Massachusetts, but these waters, based on fisheries sampling and angler reports, offer some of the very best bass fishing opportunities.

Missouri Black Bass Special Management Documents
These Documents Present the Missouri Black Bass Special Management Plan.

Missouri's Special Stream Smallmouth Management
By now, anglers know all about past stream smallmouth bass management in Missouri. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has been a national leader in setting special regulations, closed bass harvest seasons, and statewide minimum length and daily limits, as well as smallmouth research. But, not all of Missouri's efforts have been in the past. Special management of smallmouth bass on Missouri's streams is alive and well, right now! But first, a glimpse into the recent past.

Outdoor Alabama: Fishing
Various articles about different types of freshwater gamefish are found here. Information includes photos identifying various fish; in addition, to how to tell the age of a bass.

River - Welcome to the river!
A site devoted strictly to river and stream smallmouth fishing

The Redeye Bass: Brook Trout of the Warmwater Game Fish
Abounding in the small, cool, upland streams of the Warrior, Cahaba, Coosa, Tallapoosa and Chattahoochee River drainages is the redeye bass, Micropterus coosae. The redeye bass is one of the smaller members of the black bass family, but what it lacks in size is more than compensated for by its readiness to smash a fly or spinner and its fighting ability, once hooked.

Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide
This giant Bass Fishing site is devoted to providing Bass Fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels information on just about any Bass Fishing technique, lure or fishing condition they may encounter.

Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide - Contents
Over 1,500 pages of bass fishing information covering anything and everything.

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