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Texas Outdoor Educational Programs
Among other programs . . . Texas Buffalo Soldiers, a group formed to bring the largely untold story of African-American frontier soldiers to urban youth, will deliver their message of minority achievement and pride throughout the state of Texas this summer.

Texas Outdoors-Woman
Texas Outdoors-Woman - Become an outdoors woman with this class that teaches you the skills you need

Texas Project WILD
Texas Project WILD - wildlife and conservation education program materials, information, calendar and schedule

The Learning Web at the U.S. Geological Survey
Welcome to the Learning Web, a portion of the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) web dedicated to K-12 education, exploration, and life-long learning. Visit often and explore things on, in, around, and about the Earth such as plants and animals, land, water, and maps. Learn how Biology, Geology, Hydrology, and Geography can help us understand our changing world. The site includes: A list of USGS educational materials; Activities and lessons for the classroom; Living in The Learning Web (topics that affect people every day, everywhere).

The Maryland Envirothon Resource Site
The Maryland Envirothon Resource Site provides participants with the information resources they will need to know for the state-wide Maryland Envirothon competition. In Maryland there are five learning components: soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatics and a "current issue." Below we provide links to online training packets for each of the components:

There Is Still Time: Endangered and Threatened Species from the USFWS
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's mission is to work with other people to protect and recover endangered and threatened species, so they no longer need protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Tidbits for Teachers and Students: Conservation Education Material for Teachers
It's a dirty job but someone has to do it—S.K.Worm, the official annelid, or worm, of the Natural Resources Conservation Service answers students' questions about soil. Even their teachers can't wiggle their way out of this one! Slither your way through these soiled questions and earn a very special diploma. You might even get hooked on Soil!

Trout In The Classroom - Teacher's Desk
Trout in the Classroom curriculum outline for teachers.

Trout In The Classroom - Teacher's Desk
Trout in the Classroom - Teacher's Desk provide teachers with materials you will find useful, based on your own requests and contributions. Initially, we've included some curriculum outlines to compare with your own, a work schedule for students in preparation for communicating with other classes, and an equipment check list to which even repeating trout raisers may want to refer.

Trout In The Classroom - Teacher's Desk
Trout in the Classroom curriculum outline for upper grades.

Trout In The Classroom - Teacher's Desk - Egg Hatching Information
Trout in the Classroom Teacher's Desk offers egg hatching information for trout curriculum program.

Trout In The Classroom - Teacher's Desk - Fish Feeding Guidelines
Trout in the Classroom - Fish Feeding Guidelines is for teachers instructing students in the methods of raising trout and learning about lifecycles.

Trout In The Classroom - Teacher's Desk Aquarium Setup
This site gives guidelines to teachers for setting up trout aquariums for the Trout in the Classroom Program.

Trout in the Classroom Program: Correlation to Science Standards
Trout in the Classroom is a program for teaching students about the lifecycle of trout and the importance of protecting watersheds. This website shows teahers how the program fits with education standards in NY

Trout in the Classroom: Teachers Lounge
Trout in the Classroom online discussion thread for sharing experiences about the program.

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