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Adopt Your Watershed: U.S. EPA Students' Center
Adopt Your Watershed: U.S. EPA Students' Center maintains a database of more than 3,000 groups that you might want to join, plus check out Fifteen Things You can Do to Make a Difference in Your Watershed.

Bays, Streams and Coastal Bays: Maryland DNR
It is the responsibility of Maryland DNR to manage the Bays, Streams and Coastal Bays that lie within or tie into Maryland's watersheds.

Chesapeake Bay Citizen Monitoring Program
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has conducted a volunteer water quality monitoring program since 1985 and is a model for other communities. This article is part of the EPA "cook book" of successful environmental efforts and ideas for communities, organizations, businesses and governments to emulate.

Connecticut River Rundown Index
Connecticut River Rundown Indexes for 1998, 1999 and 2000

Cookbook of Inovations in Coastal Protection
"Innovations in Coastal Protection: Searching for Uncommon Solutions to Common Problems," more commonly referred to as the "coastal cookbook," is an organized collection of successful coastalprotection initiatives - recipes - from across the country. Project summaries of successful initiatives are included in three general topic areas

Daily Streamflow Conditions Map of The United States
Daily Streamflow Conditions Map of The United States from the USGS show you the flow information for many streams monitored by the USGS across the country.

EPA's Watershed Conservation Groups Directory
How can you get involved in your watershed? Search our catalog of watershed groups to learn how you can get involved in projects in your community.

EPA: Wetlands Protection
Despite the efforts of governments and private conservation organizations, pressures that destroy wetlands will continue. The problems of degradation of wetlands from pollution, urban encroachment, groundwater withdrawals, partial drainage, and other actions also require attention. Many opportunities exist for private citizens, corporations, government agencies, and other groups to work together to slow the rate of wetland loss and to improve the quality of our remaining wetlands.

EPA: Wetlands Status and Trends
Major causes of wetland loss and degredation are described in this status and trends report of America's wetlands.

Environmental Protection Agency: Adopt Your Watershed
To encourage stewardship of the nation's water resources, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is leading an "Adopt Your Watershed" campaign. Through this effort, EPA challenges citizens and organizations to join us and others who are working to protect and restore our valuable rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes, ground water, and estuaries.

Geography Action! Rivers 2001 at
National Geographic Society's Geography Action! Rivers 2001 is a resource for river conservation activities and educational tools. These fun and interactive activities are for kids, the general public, educators, and students.

Getting to Know Your Local Watershed
Watershed Information Network presents a guide for getting to know your watershed.

Hands On Save Our Streams - Science Project Guide for Students
by Karen Firehock. Students companion guide to the SOS teachers manual. Contains project ideas, monitoring instructions and information about stream ecology. Takes students through the steps to plan a successful science fair or community project. Includes monitoring instructions and data forms. Recommended for grades six through 12.

Hawaiian Streams - The Mauka to Makai Connection
This website offers a detailed description of Hawaii's stream ecosystems. This is an excellent resource for information on a unique natural resource.

Home and garden strategies for healthy watersheds (and salmon)
Home and garden hints for healthy streams and salmon: what you can do to help protect threatened salmon and trout. This site lists what King County, Washington is doing to restore salmon habitat. The site also links to the tri-county salmon information center. News about salmon recovery efforts are contained in this site.

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