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An Introduction to Missouri Fishes
Missouri is home for 206 species of fishes, more than most states. They range in size from the pygmy sunfish that measures at a legnth of an inch or less, the the paddlefish that reaches a wieght of more than 100 pounds...

Aquatic Wildlife of New Mexico
Aquatic Wildlife of New Mexico has line drawings of many aquatic fish and insects in their natural habitats. Print the document to make a excellent coloring book. This is a PDF document.

Brook Trout Fact Sheet - Maryland
Brook Trout Fact Sheet from Maryland DNR has all kinds of information on this fish.

Brook Trout ID Page - Maine
Brook Trout ID Page - Maine

Brown Trout Fact Sheet - Maryland
Brown Trout Fact Sheet

Brown Trout ID - Maine
Brown Trout ID - Maine

Bull Trout Identification and Education Program
The Treasure State offers great fishing opportunities. Montana's spectacular trout streams and lakes are legendary across the nation. In fact, many consider Montana an angler's dream. One of the most important parts of this wonderful resource is Montana's largest native trout: the bull trout. Bull trout have declined across their range. Agencies and citizens have united across the west to help conserve this important part of our native heritage in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, as well as in Montana.

Catfish biology and identification - Minnesota DNR
Describes the appearance, habitat, food habits, nesting and breeding pattern of the channel and flathead catfish.

Chain Pickerel Fact Sheet - Maryland
Chain Pickerel Fact Sheet - Maryland

Chain Pickerel ID Page - Maine
Chain Pickerel ID Page - Maine

Channel and White Catfish Page - Maryland
Channel and White Catfish Page - Maryland

Coho Slamon
This PDF file is packed with information about Oregon's Coastal Salmon.

Crappie - Minnesota DNR
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources provides a picture and information about crappies, one of the most often caught types of fish in Minnesota.

Fish Base - Online Fish Database
Fish base is an online database with information on 25,136 Species, 70,000 Synonyms, 100,000 Common names, 25,000 Pictures, 20,000 References, 500 Collaborators, 750,000 Hits/month

Fish Facts: Maryland DNR Fisheries Service
Welcome to fish facts, a collection of information about the wide variety of fish you can find in the state of Maryland.

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