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AQUARIUS - The World's Only Underwater Habitat
Aquarius, Find out about Aquarius, the worlds only underwater habitat. Aquarius is owned and funded by the NOAA's National Undersea Research Program, and Aquarius is administered and operated by UNCW

Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) Homepage
Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) collects, analyzes and distributes historical and real-time observations and predictions of water levels, coastal currents and other meteorological and oceanographic data.

Coastal Hazards Products, Projects, and Activities NOAA Coastal Services Center
Coastal hazards include both natural and man-made events (chronic and episodic) that threaten the health of coastal ecosystems and communities. This definition includes, but is not limited to, hurricanes, tsunamis, erosion, oil spills, harmful algal blooms, and pollution. Center projects in this theme area work to reduce the environmental, social, and economic impacts from coastal hazards by providing information and tools that facilitate increased decision-support capabilities for coastal managers.

El Niņo: Research, Forecasts and Observations
NOAA and El Nino: NOAA's role in studying, predicting and mitigating the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon

Interactive Weather Information Network
The officaial US Government weather site. This weather database is used by many weather forcasters.

International Year of the Ocean - Kid's & Teacher's Resources
This is a page from NOAA for teachers and children, providing information about conservation of the oceans and activities to do.

Make a Tide Prediction, State and Region Listing
This system will allow you to obtain tidal predictions computed by CO-OPS for more than 3000 water level stations. The publication of full daily predictions is limited to fewer stations. These stations with full daily predictions are referred to as "reference stations". The remaining stations are referred to as "subordinate stations". Tidal predictions for the subordinate stations can be obtained by applying specific differences to the times and heights of tides of the specified reference stations.

Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey Data - online database
An enormous database with decades of saltwater species data. Site includes harvest data for many saltwater fish species.

NMFS - Staff Office for Intergovernmental and Recreational Fisheries
The Staff Office for Intergovernmental and Recreational Fisheries strives to improve the National Marine Fisheries Service's ability to build cooperative partnerships with other fisheries management agencies at the interregional and national level. Our goal is to strengthen the management and conservation of interjurisdictional marine and anadromous resources. We also provide a forum at the national level for interaction with the marine recreational fishing community and other agencies involved in marine recreational fisheries issues, working to provide for increased marine recreational fishing opportunities.

NMFS Fisheries Statistics and Economics
Collecting, integrating, and disseminating statistics concerning fisheries resources and advancing fisheries prediction capabilities.

NMFS Fisheries Statistics and Economics Division
The Fisheries Statistics Division collects data and coordinates information and research programs to support the science-based stewardship of the nation's living marine resources. In addition to integrating and disseminating state and federal statistics about marine fisheries, we administer the surveys used to estimate recreational landings.

NMFS Fishery Market News
The primary function of this joint Federal/industry program is to provide accurate and unbiased reports depicting current conditions affecting the trade in fish and fishery products.

NMFS Marine Recreational Fisheries
The purpose of the Marine Recreational Statistics Survey is to provide a reliable database for estimating the impact of recreational fishing on marine resources.

NMFS Office Science and Technology
The Office of Science & Technology guards the integrity of NOAA Fisheries scientific activity and strives to maintain and improve its quality and creditability. It is the primary interface between NOAA Fisheries scientific activity and NOAA, other agencies, and international organizations. It has oversight of NOAA Fisheries scientific research and technology development activities including biology, ecology, economic and social sciences, oceanography, management of scientific information, engineering, and other disciplines used to fulfill its conservation and management mission for living marine resources.

NMFS Scientific Publications Office Home Page
NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service, founded in 1871 as the U.S. Commission on Fish and Fisheries, is the Nation's oldest Federal conservation agency. As such, it has been publishing the results of its research for 125 years, and the tradition of scientific publishing is continued today by the NMFS Scientific Publications Office (SPO) in Seattle, Washington.

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