Adding a Site to the Directory

Adding a site to the RBFF-Education database is very easy. Follow these instructions to make the process easier.

This database only contains websites, information about listed websites, and links to other web-based media.

Choose a Category- When you want to add a site to the database, navigate to the category in which you feel that the site should reside.

Press the "Add a Listing" link.

Spider - You will see a text box that prompts you to enter a web site. Make sure that the entry is proceeded by "http://"

This is a non-working sample of what you will see

Enter the URL that you want to add to the database in the box that says "Spider." The spider will visit that website and automatically extract important information from that website like the title, description, and keywords (you can edit these later).

Edit Information - Take time at this screen to edit the information you would like the database's users to know about the site you are listing.

1) Select a category: By default the category you started in is selected, but you can change that here.

2) Suggest a category: If you do not see the category you feel this site belongs in, enter it here.

3) E-mail: Enter the E-mail of the person who should receive updates about the status of the site record in the RBFF-Education database. This could be a webmaster or a program manager.

4) Site Title:  Enter the tile of the site you would database users to see when your site is listed in a category or search. Choose the wording carefully because the title is the most heavily weighted field in searches.

5) Website URL: This is the web address of your website. The field must contain "http://" before the web address. This field should automatically be filled by the "Spider."

6) Full Name: Add your name to the site record as you would like it listed in the web directory.

7) Phone Number: Enter your phone number here so that we can contact you if needed.

8) Document Title of Media File Link: If you have a PDF (or other media file) online, we can add a direct link in the URL listing.  Enter the document title, as you would like it displayed. Any media file that resides on your web server is permissible. (Remember that this feature draws a link to the file that resides on your web server.) Each listing may have a single media file attachment. Use the "Suggest a site"  feature to create database records that hold additional media files.

9) URL of Media File: Enter the URL of the media document here.  The URL is the exact web address where the PDF file or other media file resides. The field must include "http://" before the web address.

10) Special instructions: Pass along any special instructions to the RBFF-Education webmaster here. If you have very specialized needs, E-mail the webmaster instead.

Submit the Request - You've come this far! Now click the button!!