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Coastal Hazards Products, Projects, and Activities NOAA Coastal Services Center
Coastal hazards include both natural and man-made events (chronic and episodic) that threaten the health of coastal ecosystems and communities. This definition includes, but is not limited to, hurricanes, tsunamis, erosion, oil spills, harmful algal blooms, and pollution. Center projects in this theme area work to reduce the environmental, social, and economic impacts from coastal hazards by providing information and tools that facilitate increased decision-support capabilities for coastal managers.

EPA: About Estuaries
What are estuaries, why are they important, why they should be protected? Environmental Protection Agency provides information.

Massachusetts Striped Bass Fisheries Report pdf
Massachusetts Striped Bass Fisheries Report in pdf - describing the state of the striped bass fisheries and restoration efforts

New York Marine Habitat Protection
New York's marine habitats support a diverse array of fish, wildlife, and plant species. These productive areas include tidal wetlands, submerged aquatic vegetation like eelgrass, estuaries and open waters,mud and sandflats, and natural and artificial reefs.

Smart Coastal Growth Theme Page - NOAA Coastal Services Center
Smart coastal growth maintains a balance among environmental, social, economic, and quality of life issues. To achieve this balance, a broad spectrum of considerations must be addressed, including cultural resources and the values and beliefs of the individuals in the community. NOAA Coastal Services Center projects in this theme area assist communities in their efforts to incorporate smart growth concepts into their planning and decision-making processes.

The Coral Reef Ecology Home Page
Coral reefs are among the most diverse and productive communities on Earth. They are found in the warm, clear, shallow waters of tropical oceans worldwide. Reefs have functions ranging from providing food and shelter to fish and invertebrates to protecting the shore from erosion.

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