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Anuenue Fisheries Research Center (Sand Island, O誕hu)
The Anuenue Fisheries Research Center (AFRC) is a facility of the State of Hawai'i's Division of Aquatic Resources, Department of Land and Natural Resources. It is situated on a 4.25-acre parcel on Sand Island, some six miles from downtown Honolulu.

Aquatic Resources Programs and Projects Index
General information on programs and projects within the Division of Aquatic Resources.

Commercial Catch Report Revision Project
The fishery resources of Hawai'i have declined substantially since the early 1900's, especially in nearshore waters. We can see it with our own eyes. What was once easy to catch is now hard to find. Where we used to catch big fish, we now are happy with small ones. Why is that? Well, the fish are being taken out of the ocean faster than they can be replaced.

Coral and Live Rock Laws of Hawai段
Regulations and laws concerning Coral and Live Rock of Hawai段

Division of Aquatic Resources
The Division of Aquatic Resources manages the State's marine and freshwater resources through programs in commercial fisheries and aquaculture; aquatic resources protection, enhancement and education; and recreational fisheries. Major program areas include projects to maximize commercial fishery and aquaculture productivity, protecting native and resident aquatic species and their habitat, and providing facilities and opportunities for recreational fishing consistent with the interests of the State.

Division of Aquatic Resources Contacts
Contact information for the Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources

Division of Aquatic Resources Public Information
Division of Aquatic Resources information page. Includes information on public meetings and links to other general information.

Hawai'i Marine Life Conservation Districts
Hawai'i Marine Life Conservation Districts Information Page

Hawaii DAR's Current Line Newsletters
Hawai段 Division of Aquatic Resources Current Line Newsletters

Hawaii Fishing Licenses and Permits
The Division of Aquatic Resources issues various permits and licenses for fishing, collecting aquatic life, and other activities relating to aquatic resources. These are either required by State law or by departmental administrative rule and often come with conditions concerning qualifications for application and the use of the permit or license. In some cases, special permits are issued that allow persons or organizations to pursue certain fishing activities or collect aquatic life that would normally be prohibited.

Hawaii's Native & Exotic Freshwater Animals book
This is a major new identification guide to the creatures of Hawaii's unique freshwater ecosystems. The guide has information on more than 70 fish species.

Hawaiian Streams - The Mauka to Makai Connection
This website offers a detailed description of Hawaii's stream ecosystems. This is an excellent resource for information on a unique natural resource.

Hawai段 Fisheries Statistics
The Division of Aquatic Resources collects various data for use in monitoring and assessing the aquatic resources of the State, including catch reports from fishermen, marine life and habitat surveys, creel surveys, port surveys, and fish market sampling.

Hawai段 Fishing Regulations
The Division of Aquatic Resources establishes fishing regulations through Hawai'i Revised Statutes (laws) promulgated by the Hawai'i State Legislature and Hawai'i Administrative Rules promulgated by the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

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